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MIND is dedicated to providing both psychotherapy and medical services, to teach future professionals in mental health and to insure state-of-the art training and supervision for students at different levels of their education.

In 1981, MIND was the first in Lebanon to combine together in the same department, the psychiatry and clinical psychology specialties, where professionals of both domains work together in a multidisciplinary team approach, offering a comprehensive service to the client’s utmost benefit.

Our center was the first in Lebanon to initiate the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach for the treatment of mental disorders, one of the most validated evidence-based psychological interventions. We are sustaining the growth and advancement of this discipline with the collaboration of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy in the US and the Oxford Cognitive therapy Center in the UK. Therapeutic services care for all types of pathologies such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, Obsessive compulsive spectrum, eating disorders and substances and Alcohol abuse. Clinicians trained to deliver evidence-based specialized psychological treatment for other psychological difficulties are also available.

Meta-cognitive approach, trauma-focused therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, used as therapeutic augmentation for improving outcomes are implemented in the treatment approach.

Psychological therapeutic interventions could be applied alone or in combination with pharmacotherapy.

It could be provided on an out-patient or in-patients basis, depending on the needs and recommendations required.

Cognitive behavior approach uses a different formulation for each psychiatric disorder. We use this formulation in conceptualizing the individual client which is an essential component to developing a sound therapeutic relationship, setting goals, planning treatment, and selecting interventions. Building trust and rapport with clients from the very first contact, demonstrating accurate empathy and sharing the conceptualization with the client through a collaborative attitude are at the core of our practice. Our priority is to help clients feel better and stay better for the long-term, through continuous and sustainable learning processes and gains retention, in an atmosphere that protects privacy and confidentiality.

On the other hand, MIND has added to its already existent general mental health services two subspecialties, the first one since 1997, a state of the art child and adolescent service and a more recent one since summer 2008, the geriatric psychiatric/psychological service. Research based psychological testing is part of our diagnostic procedure when required.

Our aim is to constantly improve and enhance our knowledge, skills and attitude, to maintain our determination and commitment to serve mental health in Lebanon and provide our country and its people with the excellence, accurate and scientific sounded psychological treatments they need and deserve.

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