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MIND provides legal services in the areas of capacity evaluation and evaluation of the effects of war and disasters.

Capacity evaluation:

Capacity is the ability to understand information relevant to a decision and the ability to appreciate the foreseeable consequences of a decision (or lack of decision).

Some psychiatric illnesses such as dementia affect one’s capacity which may put him at risk of abuse (financial abuse, medical abuse, legal abuse, etc.).

Our experience in evaluating one’s capacity and writing up reports to that effect places us among the leaders in that field.


Our specialists have a long and well established experience in evaluating and treating mental health problems arising from war and other disasters.

Our experience extends beyond the borders of Lebanon and has encompassed other countries such as Iraq.

We are the official evaluation center for several law offices. We have led several projects assessing PTSD and acute stress disorder, depression, impulse control, mass psychogenic illness etc. These projects occurred in a variety of settings: airplane crashes, war related trauma (in Lebanon and Iraq), exposure to toxic material etc.

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