Geriatric Unit

Old age psychiatry or geriatric psychiatry is dedicated for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders that may occur in older adults. These disorders include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, memory problems, bipolar, and schizophrenia.

Older adults have special physical, emotional, and social needs. Understanding this, the geriatric psychiatrist takes a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment, including listening and responding to the concerns of the older adult, helping families, and when necessary, working with other healthcare professionals to develop effective approaches to treatment.

Co-existing medical illnesses, medications, family issues, social concerns, and environmental issues are integrated into a comprehensive program of care.

The services available at MIND for Geriatric Psychiatry and Psychology are the following:
  • Full psychiatric and psychological assessment
  • Full neuropsychological assessment
  • Outpatient diagnosis and treatment
  • Inpatient diagnosis and treatment
  • Home diagnosis and treatment
  • Nursing home diagnosis and treatment
  • Online (telepsychiatry) diagnosis and treatment
  • 24h emergency services
  • International consultations

The conditions treated can be found on this link.
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