Memory Unit

The role of the memory clinic is to evaluate, diagnose and treat those suffering from memory problems. Early identification and treatment of memory problems are crucial.

Even though some memory loss is expected with aging, memory problems are NOT normal at ANY age. Only a qualified physician can evaluate and differentiate between memory loss secondary to aging and the presence of a more serious disease.

MIND’s memory unit offers extensive evaluation of memory complaints:
  • Collateral information is obtained from caregivers (with the clients’ approval). Extensive interviews are conducted by trained psychiatric nurses, psychologists and American board certified geriatric and adult psychiatrists.
  • Extensive neuropsychological testing is performed. Tests are tailored based on the client’s illness and symptoms.
  • Identification and treatment of reversible causes of memory loss
  • Blood testing and brain imaging
  • Consultation of geriatricians, neurologists and other specialists (if deemed necessary)
  • Education for both clients and caregivers
  • 24-hour hotline

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