MIND (Medical Institute for Neuropsychological Disorders) started a significant “revolution” in the field of mental health treatment early in the 1980’s in Lebanon and the Middle East. We became very quickly aware that psychologists and psychiatrists needed to work hand in hand in the assessment and treatment of most mental health problems. This comprehensive approach that combines and involves the various aspects of neuro-sciences, chemical and structural mediators, genetics, temperament, emotional and cognitive schemas, has become the core value of our practice. This connection was based on the rigorous scientific studies showing the excellent effectiveness and added gains of each approach.

Within the same line and spirit, we have emphasized the culture of dialogue in science and team work. A collaborative approach and continuous brain storming are adopted and maintained at all times. While professionals in MIND keep up with advanced knowledge in their respective subspecialty, they keep a “working together” attitude in sharing and exchanging advances in the field and planning for the best course of actions at any point in time. MIND’s logo is a metaphor of our cherished belief. By choosing the ANT as our icon, we are essentially saying: WE WORK TOGETHER AT ALL TIME IN THE SERVICE OF EXCELLENCE.

We have been blessed and nicely inspired to innovate and maintain around us a stimulating academic environment through our sister organization: IDRAAC (Institute for Development, Research and Applied Care). IDRAAC has for several decades now, through research, innovated and tested newer approaches in the understanding of causality, processes and treatment of emotional and other mental health problems.

We are dedicated to keep high the mental health service in Lebanon and the Middle East, to serve and deliver to our country and the region and their people the best they deserve.
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