Suicide: Interview with Dr. Zaher Krayem for The New Arab

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Dr. Zaher Krayem, Adult Clinical Psychologist from our team gave an interview for Al Araby Al Jadeed  (The New Arab) where he discussed suicide from a psychological perspective. 

He focused on the following important ideas:

- Mental disorders are strong predictors of suicidal behavior (80-90% of suicides are due to mental illnesses).
- Suicide can happen as a result of severe depression and other mental disorders. Stressful times and emotional distress can lead to depression and act as catalysers in that case. 
- Persons with bipolar disorder and depression can sometimes use substances or alcohol which can lead to fast decisions (such as suicide).
- Although women may attempt suicide more than men, men use more lethal ways to commit suicide. 
- Stressful times affect parts of our brain: the hippocampus where we recall painful memories and the amygdala which can lead to fast decisions and an increase in emotional reactions. 
- Due to the current economic crisis/collapse, and people losing their jobs or getting paid half salaries, the rate of suicide is likely to rise mainly among people with pre-existing conditions ex:(depression). 
- It is important to raise awareness about suicide to decrease stigma starting at the school level.
- It is important to reach out for help in case of suicidal ideations.

You can check the full interview in Arabic on the following link. 

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