Dr. Elie Karam on Future TV - Friday July 26

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You can now check the interview of Dr. Elie Karam, Head of MIND Clinics on Zavenonline and Future TV

Dr. Karam was the guest of Zaven Kouyoumdjian during his TV show "Balatoulsire", on Friday July 26, 2019, dedicated to “influencers”,  "Mou2athiroun مؤثرون".

Throughout the interview, Dr. Karam shared his professional and personal path in forging the status of mental health in Lebanon. He also shed the light on the most recent and upcoming projects in mental health. Tracing back the development of mental health in Lebanon across time, he mentioned the significant milestones that contributed to shape today’s practice, starting by the integration of psychiatric services within the general hospital, the inclusion of multidisciplinary approaches in planning and implementing treatment and evidence-based management of disorders. The ultimate aim being to offer excellence in  mental health services for the Lebanese population, based on solid homegrown research.

In addition, he gave important examples from his studies, illustrating how different factors, such as war, family, genetics, education, politics and religion among other factors, inherent to the local context, have a major impact on mental health.


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